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You can post and advertise your classified ads on 9jamarket classified ads section for free. Peolpe can contact you from the contact details you put down and then complete a transaction. It’s a free advert section for all Nigerian Marketers…


CampusKonekt is the Largest Campus Student’s Online Platform. Here Campus Students no matter their universities  can locate and Konekt with each other easily, Chat and expand their networks.  They will have the opportunity to share news, photos, videos, ask questions or make requests on this platform. It’s also a platform where Campus Entrepreneurs can advertise their businesses, skills and services. Campus Artists can promote their music and allow users to stream and download it from the platform. Event Planners and other services providers can let  students know where something is happening next in their campuses.

With the Campus Hub, you can always stay in touch with your Departmental or Faculty mates. You can upload your lecture materials for people to see, browse and study from. There’s also a possibility to ask questions, make announcements or take a poll decisions on the Campus Hub. With CampusKonekt, you are simply limitless!

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Because I’m happy

Why do you need to take your business online?

Do I really need to do this?      Yeah, I decided to talk about this particular topic because some persons have requested for it. I have been asked several times especially when delivering webinars or talking in some forums about online marketing. The questions often take this form Why do I have to take […]

Affiliate Programs and Partnership

9jamarket Company has been growing at a fast and steady rate and with that we want to introduce our 9jamarket Affiliate and Partnership Programs. These programs will enable you to become a 9jamarket Affiliate in anywhere you are. As an affiliate, you will have your referral link with which you will use to either refer […]

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Expand your Network and keep in touch with people of like minds. Share ideas, tackle issues and challenges together.


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I have always been interested in learning about online marketing but i didn’t just find a way to do that without paying. But in 9jamarketers’ forum, I have learnt a lot to help me start something on my own. Thanks to 9jamarket company.

Kenneth Diure

I didn’t have money to setup a website and starting my online store but 9jamarket store gave me a platform to create my own own store and manage it myself..I can’t believe the amount of sales i’m getting in a day seriously.

Jennifer Michael

Oh! Thanks to 9jamarket company for providing us with 9jaservices freelance services. I basically got a guy who could design a website for me at the cheapest price I ever thought of within 2 days. My business is now growing…

Ugwu Paul