Why do you need to take your business online?

Do I really need to do this?

     Yeah, I decided to talk about this particular topic because some persons have requested for it. I have been asked several times especially when delivering webinars or talking in some forums about online marketing. The questions often take this form
Why do I have to take my business online?
Is it more secured? Are there no probabilities that I will get cheated or hacked?
Does it not cost much to create and maintain these businesses online? and the list goes on.    Well funny enough, I just keep smiling when people ask these questions over and over again because I feel they really don’t understand how the system works and what the functions of online marketing agencies like 9jamarket are. So, I decided to put these down for you to read and share with your friends. Perhaps, it could change their mindsets and make them understand how easy it is to take businesses online.We are living in a world where the internet has taken over everything and is still taking more. What am I saying? These days, a lot of people live and spend most of their times on the internet. Imagine that the number of internet users has increased tenfold from 1999 to 2013.
The first billion was reached in 2005. The second billion in 2010. The third billion in 2014.

How does this matter? It matters because if you want to be successful in whatever business you are doing, you would always look for a way to make and meet more people who are interested in what you are offering.
As we all know, mobility is one of the things that affect the rate of customers or business deals of a Company. If you have a business and it’s not mobile, then know that you might have missed more than 40% of the profit you would have made while mobile.
Maybe some of you don’t understand what I mean by being mobile as a businessman. Mobility is the ability to be in different places. It could be at the same time or in different times but the most important thing is that you are there whenever you are needed.

A lot of businessmen and marketers don’t even understand or know the size of their target audience and that’s why they spend most
of their lives staying one place and expecting miracles to fall from above. It doesn’t work that way. If you want to grow big, then you have to look for ways of reaching out to your target audience.

Now you might be thinking, how to find out the size of your target audience? It depends on the type of business and the niche you are dealing with. Just ask yourself how many people could benefit from what you are selling or from the service are offering. Think big and don’t just limit your thoughts to your immediate environments.
For example, Someone selling Men’s wears would have to first examine the types of wears whether its traditional or corporate and so on. The seller also has to consider the age of potential buyers. With questions like these, it would be easy to narrow down your target audience so that by channelling the available resources into it, much conversions and business deals would be achieved.

We have talked about the challenges and difficulties facing most Nigerian marketers but, there are some of these questions which were raised in the beginning of this article that are still unanswered. Questions of how to manage and keep your business online and why exactly you should consider taking your business online.

Creating a website where you could sell or display some of your stuffs would solve the issue of mobility. With your website, you can be at different places at the same time and the good thing is can you control all that is happening in these places just from a particular location which could be at the comfort of your room, with your phones , laptops and so on.
However, creating and maintaining a website is really not easy and so simple which is why 9jamarket Company is out to help you with that. 9jamarket Company creates a platform where you can advertise your services, products and goods for free. We also allow you to create your own online store on our 9jamarket Store website. You don’t have to host or bother yourself with the problems of a website owner because we take care of that.
Our main aim is to make marketing in Nigeria easier and to lighten the burdens of Nigerian marketers. We give you platform where you can sell and buy services at the cheapest price ever on 9jaservices.What you have to know about our Platforms

  • It’s secured and protected.
  • It’s efficiently and professionally managed.
  • 9jamarket offers the most of it’s services for free.
  • We have been tested and we are trustworthy.
  • We care more about our clients and their welfares.
  • 9jamarket Company is the first of its kind that offers these varieties of services and still at a very high quality.
  • Online Marketing has to take a different face in Nigeria and it’s high time Nigerian Marketers started making great use of the internet to boost and increase their sales.

You can join our Marketer’s Community where we teach, learn and share ideas about online marketing in Nigeria. I’m sure you would like it. You can create a group, invite your friends, follow some people to know when they make posts or even add them as friends and have your own private discussions…. Yes, we have it all and NOW, you don’t have any reason not to take your business to the next level by join us on 9jamarket Company.

Remain Blessed and Good luck in your Endeavours.


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